Wednesday, 9 May 2012

There are quite a number of  African millionaires scattered around Africa and the diaspora and the numbers are increasing but not at the rate at which it is rising in Russia for example. We need to encourage entrepreneurship at all levels, because it leads to quick development of economies increasing employment and spending power.

The number of Billionaires in Africa is low compared to other continents and yet Africa is resource rich with fast growing populations with an expanding middle class. Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa has invested heavily in Nigeria and Africa and is reaping immense  rewards-

People have to take the leap of faith that successful entrepreneurs take and step out of their immediate environments. You will find countries that are probably more commercially viable than your present location with governments actively encouraging you to invest with very beneficial terms whether it be tax incentives for example.

I reckon places like Mozambique in Southern Africa by the indian ocean should be looked at, it has tons of potential whether it be infrastructure, the service sector and of course the mining sector in which she is immensely blessed. Its a beautiful part of the world that is in the process of rebuilding its entire infrastructure. Mozambique has an abundance of fertile land for large scale farming with a ready market in South Africa and Asia and with her large gas deposits recently discovered direct foreign investment is starting to roll in.
 Pemba in Mozambique - courtesy of flicker

So whats happening where you are in Africa, please let us know...