Friday, 4 May 2012

I am incredibly passionate about Africa, indeed like most Africans I feel like 'pulling my hair out' sometimes when one follows the politics of the continent and all the shenanigans that go with it, yet most Africans who are well educated, middle to upper middle class (whatever that means), with a reasonable disposable income living in Africa or in the diaspora know fully well that the portrayal of our continent by the western media in most instances are unrecognisable or exaggerated. Don't get me wrong there are compounding problems in Africa and our leaders need to get together most urgently to deal with the myriad of issues facing the continent of Africa, but what i do not subscribe to is this portrayal of Africa as a basket case, far from it Africa is thriving and developing at a rate of knots. The African economies are emerging and for them to continue to develop we need to start putting the word out amongst ourselves as Africans and those with African heritage around the world to alert us to the growth of these countries, why we should come and invest in these countries, what part of the economy needs boosting, the hidden gems(too many) all around Africa in terms of tourism for example.

There is a large percentage of Africans living in Africa with huge disposable incomes looking for where to invest their monies but are not aware of whats going on in other African countries around them. The same goes for Africans in the diaspora and others with African heritage including African Americans. I would like to use this platform to encourage Africans to contribute their knowledge of positive developments in and around their various African countries and share them. Knowledge they say is power, people can inform us about what sectors are booming and transforming their countries i.e potential opportunities in tourism, tell us about ongoing projects, fashion industry, manufacturing etc. Tell us why people should come and visit or invest in your country. Contributions from economists would also be highly appreciated.  I believe there is a lot of scope for us as Africans to build up our assets and wealth by investing in our African economies with fantastic returns as well as helping to increase the standard of living for the peoples of Africa. We need to tap into the abundance of opportunities unquestionably available in Africa and the only way we can do that is to be fully aware of those opportunities from Angola to Zimbabwe.