Monday, 22 July 2013

African skies

The sun shines high in the endless blue African sky, young and old constantly wiping their brows. The young women in their beautiful and colourful boubou's ( a long loose-fitting, colourful robe mainly worn in West Africa ) elegantly walking up and down the teeming streets.
 The voices of street vendors rent the air, hawking everything from the sweetest, juiciest oranges to tailoring services that can patch up your ripped trousers before you can shout 'obioma'!

Suddenly the heavens open up without warning, rain pouring down like no tomorrow. The crackling sounds of thunder and lightening quickly follow, sending everyone scurrying for shelter.

 The children sing and dance with abandon, their mothers screaming at them to get out of the drenching rain. Soon the down pour recedes and everyone soon settles back into their rhythm.

The sun shines brightly once more, the rays bouncing off the glistening roofs. Time for a cold beer and some fresh fish pepper- soup.

 The bar doesn't look like much from the exterior but the beautiful sound of afro jazz pulls me in, the live jazz band mesmerizing the gyrating females. A wide grin fills my face, the world's troubles a long, long distance away.