Friday, 28 September 2012

Traditional African Costumes

I have always been interested in Traditional African attire, the patterns, colours, fabrics and so on. Unfortunately some African cultures have lost their traditional costume but thankfully most have held on to their costumes and modernised them.

Zanzibari women working on seaweed cultivation by Yadid Levy

Kenya traditional dress

Angola - Mucubal woman. They are bantu speaking in South Angola

Ghadames, Libya - traditional costume - Ghadames town is a UNESCO world heritage centre near the border with Algeria. Pic by Eric Lafforgue

King Kobina of Elmina, Ghana and his royal court in traditional dress. Circa 1890's

Ghana - Traditional Kente costumes

Ivory Coast - modern traditional costumes

Cameroon - Woman in Traditional costume
Doris Imalenowa in traditional African dress

The Ndebele tribe, South Africa - Traditional costume

Traditional Zulu Costumes, South Africa

Traditional South West Nigeria (Yoruba) wedding costumes

Gorgeous Igbo bride, Nigeria

Modern Senegalese costume