Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back to some more delicious African cuisine -

Mtuzi wa Samaki  (fish in coconut curry)
Mtuzi wa samaki is a tasty fish curry dish that originated on the tiny island of Zanzibar. The use of Indian-style curry is indicative of Zanzibar's history. Over time, mtuzi wa samaki has become popular throughout the coastal region of East Africa

NYAMA CHOMA (Roasted goat meat) is the ultimate Kenyan experience, with a cold bottle of Tuskers beer you're good to go

                                        calulu  Angola

Angolan Ibale (Pumpkin Seed Balls)

Mpondu is the fantastic Congolese meal made with ground cassava leaves, palm oil, and dried fish, which is unique to Central Africa

Moambé (or Mwambé) is a traditional African stew from the Congo river area. The moambé sauce is made from the fruit and oil of the African oil palm which is used in many African dishes. Moambé stew can be made with beef, chicken, fish, mutton, or any wild game meat such as crocodile or venison. If peanut butter is used, the dish is transformed into Muamba Nsusu.

Nkrakra (Beef and squash stew) Ghana

Red Red ( mashed beans and plantain) Ghana

Attieke, a special delicacy in Ivory Coast, West Africa. It's made from cassava and eaten with fried plantain, chicken and fish, with stew.

Ivorian dish Kedjenou. Chicken and vegetables are slow-cooked in a well-sealed pot with little or no added liquid

Iskudheh Karis - A Popular Somalian rice dish with a wonderful fragrant aroma of spices used like cardamom, clove and cinnamon.

Canjeero( pronounced Anjero) is a staple food in Somalia. It was traditionally made of maize, flour, and water but self raising flour is now used. Traditionally eaten for breakfast it can be served with liver and onions, with suqaar (small pieces of beef), or with oodkac (tiny pieces of jerky-style beef). Occasionally anjero is eaten during lunch.