Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Obudu Mountain Resort formerly called Obudu Cattle Ranch lies on the Obudu Plateau at an altitude of 1,700m above sea level and enjoys a climate and vegetation typical of the temperate regions of the world, with temperatures ranging from 7-150C all year round. The Ranch is a five hour drive or a short flight away from the capital Calabar.

The final journey to the ranch can be made either by car or by cable car, covering a distance of eleven kilometers from the bottom to the top of the main hill. The Obudu Ranch Resort cable car span is currently the longest in the world, point to point.

Obudu Mountain resort, Nigeria             courtesy of flickr

Breath-taking beauty of Rio Cubal (Benguela), Angola 

Ghana pointing the way forward                                              

So also the beautiful city of Dakar, Senegal looking ahead to a brighter future.  Pix by Jeff Attaway 

Dakar, Senegal                                                hosted on flickr

The growing transformation of Addis Ababa is impressive with infrastructure being put in place for the increasing growth of her middle class as well as a greater number of returnees from the diaspora.

Here is a suburb of Addis Ababa with new apartments and houses being built.  flickr

The housing stock in several major African cities is low and their is a high demand for low cost housing as well as executive homes for the burgeoning middle and upper classes. As i keep banging on, there is huge potential for property developers and investors alike. Do your research, i can be of assistance in that regard for a small token Coolest Smileys, and then make a considered choice of aiming for the executive homes market or the low cost housing sector.  In many instances governments are offering developers incentives to build quality low cost housing. Its a win-win situation because one is helping in the development and modernisation of the area as well as making a tidy profit, but as i say make sure proper research is done before going into any project.

Examples of some of the developments being constructed all over Africa.

Skyrock Apartments in Kilimani, Kenya.              Prices from Kshs 25,000000 (£189,500)

Executive homes at Trasacco Valley Estate, Accra, Ghana
Trasacco Valley Properties

Apartment block in Lagos, Nigeria

Kensington Luxury Heights development in Kampala, Uganda.
An example of one of the four bedroom houses of the Kensington Luxury Heights development in Kampala, Uganda.

The concept of cluster houses is gradually being accepted in African cities and there is a massive need for low cost housing though land prices can be prohibitive in some areas. Developers can negotiate favorable outcomes with the government especially when developing for the lower end of the market.